I have worked on various marketing teams as a print and web designer, video editor, photo retoucher and project manager, where I worked with both on- and off-site printing. I have considerable experience working with web content, especially in relation to tie ins with product placement and print campaigns.

Most recently I am employed at The Conservatory, an art school, event space and cafe. I work shifts as a barista but also am in charge of managing our website and creating graphics and write-up content for our various events and lectures. I am also responsible for managing our social media campaigns as well as generating and publishing monthly event calendars.

Prior to that, I was employed as an adjunct professor at South Louisiana Community College, where I taught courses in web design. My course content included both the technical aspects (writing code, etc) as well as client-side concerns (marketing and design). The courses were concurrent and students were expected to achieve mastery in both production and planning as well as creating website content, both from scratch and by using content management systems or web development software.

At Stuller Inc, I was later placed on a special team whose goal was user-driven web based content generation; specifically geared at creating mock-ups on the fly of customizable jewelry pieces. This project was titled "3C: Choose, Change, Create", and was part of a major direction shift of our company toward a more online friendly and focused marketplace. My duties were specifically oriented to implementing the software responsible for generating interchangeable image content as well as implementing in-house resources to educate our various departments on its function and applications.

My initial web design experience took place at The Daily Advertiser, where I was the sole web graphic designer. I was responsible for creating correlating marketing material for internal useage (folders, fliers, performance reports, etc) as well as aiding in the creation of print campaigns that were concurrent with their online counterparts. I was also responsible for customer feedback and reporting, specifically for ad content -creating flash & gif advertisments as well as banners and other associated content, and generating click through and view reports and delivering them monthly to clients. I was sometimes utilized by the journalists to create splash pages or content pages for special stories or online-specific content, such as readership polls.

Both of these companies operated under strict brand standards, and sometimes our opinions were sought for ideas on updating or expanding these guidelines.

I am also capable of producing animations from still images, either via 3d rendering or through editing software such as After Effects. I worked on the 3D conversion of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 2, Fright Night, and an unnamed animated short that is currently under NDA.

Current Work

flyers for lecture at The Conservatory          Event calendar for June          Salon Series lecture banner for Facebook event

previous professional work

Concert flyer          A few of the catalogs I worked on while part of the retouching team          Web content page for editorial piece         

Custom Icons for Tablet Apps          Band logo and t-shirt design          logo for Wisp Entertainment LLC

other artwork

Oil on canvas, 2016          Gouache on Bristol, 2016          Gouache on Bristol, 2016          Ink on Bristol, 2016          Gouache on Bristol, 2016